Quality is the back bone of our Meat Department.  We carry U.S.D.A. Choice Beef, Certified Angus Beef, U.S. Gov’t Inspected Pork, U.S. Grade A Poultry, and Fish from all over the world. From Fresh Hams, to Center Cut Ribs, to our very own Homemade Italian Sausage, our meat department offers it all.  We carry a variety of cuts and selections that you won’t find at other stores.

Our fresh meat contains NO ADDED SOLUTIONS.

Tony’s buys meat from a variety of companies so we can choose quality meat at all times.  All our beef is Always Fresh, never frozen.  You will realize the difference in taste and quality.

We highly recommend utilizing our full service meat department. We offer our fresh meat cut to order, just the way you like it.




What is Certified Angus Beef?

Certified Angus Beef is the highest grade of beef, USDA Prime. It surpasses USDA Select and USDA Choice quality. Certified Angus Beef has its own requirements. After confirmation of USDA Prime status, 10 science-based specifications need to be met. If it meets these specifications, regarding marbling, size, and uniformity, it is deemed Certified Angus Beef.

What makes Certified Angus Beef the best?

Quality. Less than 1.5% of beef achieves these high standards.

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