Grocery Department Team Leader

Grocery Department Team Leader

Job Date: 
October 23, 2018
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Job Description: 

Job Description-Grocery Dept. Team Leader for Tony's 15 locations

Responsible for all center store grocery, including specialty foods, and all DSD. As the team leader, your role is to assist the Grocery Managers with all aspects of center store merchandising, ordering, blocking, rotating/date checking, inventory management, and grocery clerk development and training.


  • Center Store Merchandising-
    • Making sure all displays are blocked and full.
    • Making sure all items in center store are full throughout the day.
  • Ordering-
    • Responsible for all DSD Ordering in center store. (all international vendors, as well as AWG, Warehouse, and Valu)
    • Minimizing out of stocks as much as possible while maintaining clean and organized back rooms.
  • Blocking-
    • Maintain excellent tag to tag blocking throughout the store.
  • Rotating/Checking Dates-
    • Making sure all categories are rotated, dates are checked, and shelves are cleaned according to the weekly rotation log.
  • Inventory Management-
    • Thoughtful ordering to maintain in stocks, full displays, and low backroom inventory.
    • Maintain clean, and organized backrooms.
    • Zero tolerance on loose items in the backroom that may lead to shrink.
  • Grocery Clerk Development and Training-
    • Train all new and current grocery clerks to maintain the Tony’s Standards in center store.
      • Proper tag to tag blocking, best practices for filling shelf as fast as possible while maintaining the tag integrity, maintaining clean working environment, VIP customer service, maintaining clean and organized backrooms.



  • Experience and passion leading a team.
  • Minimum 3 years experience as grocery clerk or team leader.
  • Excellent communication including written, verbal, and listening skills.
  • Knowledge on using a handheld to create orders.